Neuro-Power Selling (Basic Level)

"Your Unfair Advantage" | Bud Pierce is the Founder and Lead Instructor of the Neuro-Power Academy. Walter "Buddy" Pierce

Course description

NPS Solutions

While there are numerous books for salespeople on retraining their mind to help them succeed, never before has their been a practical, step-by-step program they can follow to create astonishing results quickly.

The NPS Solutions we’ve developed and are continuing to develop provide exactly that kind of solution – a simple, easy to follow, step-by-step methodology to learning these virtually unknown techniques to achieve massive productivity, a fully confident and relaxed selling style, and ultimately drive more dollars to the bottom line.

There are programming licenses available for sales organizations. Please Contact Us for details.

Here is the breakdown of the NPS Solutions:

The Neuro-Power Selling System –
A Comprehensive Video-Based Online Training Program

Neuro-Power Selling Basics

Learn how to eliminate call reluctance for good. Imagine being able to freely pick-up the phone, network or make a personal visit to a prospect with complete confidence and zero-stress. You will be taught the power of anchoring and how it can change your life. You will be introduced to the secret of top sales professionals.
Learn how to set goals properly and eliminate procrastination from your life. This training is cutting edge research and explains why most people never successfully obtain their goals.
The newest findings from performance and sports psychology. You will learn clear and concise steps that sets champions apart. Learn how to keep a commitment, thrive in a team, deal with failure, and persevere. Think of this as the winners “Mental Edge”.

Neuro-Power Selling Advanced

Learn the secrets to becoming a masterful public speaker. You will learn techniques that will make you charismatic and hypnotic in your presentations.
Send your nonverbal intelligence soaring in this module. You will learn how to “speed-read” people. This will teach you how to know what your prospect is thinking and how to present your product to them. You’ll also learn how your body language can influence what your boss, family, friends, and strangers think of you. This module enables you to become an expert at establishing rapport. When you have RAPPORT…..Magic Happens!
By combining your knowledge of speed reading people with hypnotic sales language you will be UNSTOPPABLE. You will learn how to make the perfect presentation every time. This will be YOUR UNFAIR ADVANTAGE.

On a limited basis, Bud Pierce is available for the following:

Private Coaching & Mentoring – Bud Pierce has developed a very successful private practice for a limited number of clients. From time to time, he can accept new clients who meet certain criteria to personally mentor them through the Neuro-Power Selling System. If you want personal attention and instruction from the innovator of this new neuro-technology, then this is the highest level of engagement if you can get in. To be considered as a client, you will be asked to complete an application process. If you are interested, please Contact Us.

Live Sales Training – Bud Pierce is also available to speak and conduct training for sales organizations and sales teams based on The NPS Method. Naturally, Bud’s calendar fills quickly, so if you are interested in having Bud share this revolutionary new training with your sales team, Contact Us sooner rather than later.

Walter "Buddy" Pierce
Neuro-Power Expert and Performance Coach

Bud Pierce is the brain behind The NeuroPower Academy and the concept of “Leveraging Your Minds Infinite Potential”. Bud works as a Performance Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist and travels the nation teaching how to perform at Peak Levels in all areas of your life.